Book Fair preparations are underway

We have begun promoting the Scholastic Book Fair to Y7,8,9 students before the 1/2 term holiday. It will be in school from 27th February – 3rd March in the Library.

Scholastic always give us £5 Book Tokens to offer as prizes and we are running competitions for them in Y8 and Y9 Library Lessons. Y7s are being encouraged to compose a Harry Potter Acrostic Poem over the holiday period to be handed in to the Library Ladiez by 24th February. The Book Tokens can be spent at the Book Fair.




Our first attempt to celebrate Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter Night and we are asking ourselves WHY haven’t we done this before! We have run a very successful Y7 Christmas quiz (Battle of the Bookatrons) for years and maybe assumed older students wouldn’t be so keen to partake. How wrong could we be!!

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Ten teams from Y8 and Y9 rocked in for a lunchtime event, high on excitement before we had even started. Some just wanted to join in with a quiz, others had practiced their HP knowledge seriously over the past two weeks and the teachers’ team were just outright competitive!

I think we feared if we couldn’t put on such a perfectly decorated event as other schools, a half-hearted activity wouldn’t work. But we really needn’t have worried. A few imaginatively designed snacks, student baked cakes, a sorting hat and HP glasses were all we needed. Prizes were bought from Scholastic (HP Journals and light-up wand pens) with our Book Fair points and we added a few books left over from the fair too. Our biggest concern was the Butter Beer Recipe – needing something quick, easy and cheap. (Inbox us if you wish details!) We opened with a soundtrack from Youtube and ran five rounds with about 10 questions in each, using pictures and gifs on a powerpoint to add variety.

BIG THANKS to Churchill and Hans Price Academies for sharing their quizzes to inspire us. And to our Scores-on-the-doors assistants, the English Department for joining us at the last minute (maybe we should run a separate Staff Quiz!!!) Mr Nunes for announcing the winners, and the lovely students who went to the trouble of baking the most amazing cakes.

YES, we will be running this again – and are also planning less formal termly quizzes in our Reading Room. Maybe we could find some student Quiz Masters to compile and run them.







Holocaust Memorial Day 27/1


To support P & R lessons this month, the Library has installed a display with a collection of factual books about the Holocaust and fictional stories of modern day refugees and asylum seekers as well as the historical period.

Come and read about personal stories behind the headlines that are still relevant today.



We have published two reading lists containing classic titles and more recently published stories. Click here for the pdf: 2017-holocaust-memorial-reading-list











Write a story in just 500 words

500-words-lesson-2017We have been promoting the Radio 2 500 Words competition in Y7 Library lessons this week. Many students have entered in the past, either on their own or through their Primary school. They can continue to participate until their 13th year so we are keen to encourage them to participate.

We have watched the promotional video followed by the prize winning entries being read aloud from the Globe Theatre in London last year (a great resource for lessons). Mrs Gibson and Mrs Wood continue to be judges and their top tip would be: think of a small clever scenario and elaborate with the detail. These winners are perfect examples of this and have got the students wondering if they could create something similar.

Go online here to find out more, and click here to watch and listen to some of the past entries for yourselves. Get inspired and have a go – you know you want to!

Y7 Battle of the Bookatrons

A great day yesterday, fighting it out in the Library to see who are the greatest Bookatrons in Y7. 12 teams of 4 with some great names shared their knowledge of Tom Gates, Hunger Games, Harry Potter and David Walliams and pondered over well known titles produced in different languages. All washed down with Polyjuice Potion, caramel wafers, prawn cocktail crisps and Bogtrotter cake!

With a tie between 3 teams the winners were chosen after guessing how many millions of copies of the Hunger Games have been sold since it was first published in 2008. The Pygmy Puffs were the closest with 7 million (but still way off the actual 65+million copies!!) and so our ultimate winners,  with The Shakespearians and The Bookies close behind.

BIG thanks to the English Department for joining us and providing readings for the David Walliams round, to our 6th form Assistants who kept the scores and to our Headmaster for announcing the winners wearing Christmas Tree glasses!

 Hope you all get a good book in your stocking . Seasons Readings



Blackout Poetry Competition

Our annual whole school competition this year, was Blackout Poetry.


Open to all students and staff, we received 160 entries of amazing quality – both chosen words and artwork. However to be in with a chance of winning, the words DID have to make some sense, and the artwork did have to enhance the poetic result – and we have to say, it was much harder than we first thought!

It was so difficult to judge all the entries, that the Library Ladiez employed students to assist them. So, without further ado, here they are:

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Winners are receiving chocolatey prizes today, along with a card containing their entry. Well done and thank you to all who joined in with the spirit.