Yr 7 – Get Booked Up with a free book.

Year 7 students have just completed their Library Induction Lessons and I have to say, they worked extremely well, building their independent learning skills. Hopefully now they feel happy and confident to use the Library and all its resources.

Now we have Booked Up to look forward to! Booked Up’s goal is to encourage reading for pleasure and independent choice. Year 7 students choose their free book from a list of specially selected titles.

It was launched in 2007, inspired by the Bookstart and Booktime programmes, which give free book packs to babies and reception-aged children respectively. The programme is run by Booktrust, an independent charity dedicated to encouraging people of all ages and cultures to engage with books. 

Hear what the authors have to say about their books in the film here.

We will be showing Yr 7 classes the fantastic film in which all authors promote their own book and students of a similar age give their opinions, before taking  orders for the book of their choice. Books are usually delivered in November. Christmas comes early here at Backwell!


Beardy visits Backwell :-D

The whole of Yr 7 squeezed into the theatre to watch and listen to popular author, Philip “Beardy” Ardagh. I even saw the teachers chuckling as he regaled tales about second bottom underpants, a stuffed stoat and his wife, Dr Coffee, before reading a short extract from his Eddie Dickens Trilogy. The hour passed before we knew it, but there was still time for those who wished to buy a copy of one of his Grubtown Tales to queue up to have it signed by the big man (2 metres tall and size 16 feet, don’t you know!) Many thanks to Philip, Emma,  the lovely ladies from Waterstones and Bath Kids Lit Festival.

Philip later tweeted:

@PhilipArdagh Two fun schools events for the Bath Festival. Over 500 kids. Great audiences. Long signings. Lovely welcome. Thanks, all.

If you missed the chance to buy a book, don’t worry, the Library has plenty of copies for you to borrow.

We have the technology….

The Library was able to open yesterday with the new static computers fired up ready for action. A rainy lunchtime gave students a good excuse to come and log in.

Students can book a library computer for morning break and lunchtimes for research or homework. The library is open after school until 4.30pm and on Wednesday it is STaR Club until 4.45pm.