Creative writing workshops with Joffre White

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we received a visit from Joffre White, author of Frog.  He led several lively and interesting writing workshops for year 8 and 9 students, encouraging them to come up with their own villainous characters and to begin to develop a story about them.  This is what Matthew had to say:

“I really enjoyed the creative writing workshop with Joffre White – he was very inspiring.  He talked about how knowledge really is power, and how if you don’t like reading, read up on your dream or something you like – there is a book for everything.  He also talked about how, as an author, you need to find a subject you are passionate about to make the reader passionate with you.  I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and I will never read a book in the same way again.”

Matthew Mayler 8S1               

Joffre signs a copy of 'Frog' for a student.

Students develop their creative ideas!


Going back in time with author, Harriet Castor.

We were lucky to receive a visit from local author, Harriet Castor last Thursday. She spoke to a select group of Year 9 students about her latest book, a historical novel.

This is what Tristan has to say about her:

“The book is about how Henry VIII changed from a golden youth into a gross tyrant.  Harriet’s book explores the transformation in great detail through the eyes of Henry himself.  Hopefully, this hasn’t spoiled the book too much for those who want to read it!  I know I do!  Harriet talked extensively about the Tudors and all the research she had to do and impressed everyone with her knowledge.  She also talked about how you become an author, enlightening many budding authors in the audience.  She went on to sign copies of the book for students, which they will no doubt treasure.  An interesting and eloquent author, Harriet’s book VIII is well worth reading!”

Tristan Slade esq.

Follow this link to Amazon for another enthusiastic review posted by Jen Atherton (aka Kathleen!)

For a taste of the event, watch this clip about Harriet talking about her work:

Skyping with jack Heath!

Another first for the Library: a Skype event with Australian author, Jack Heath and Year 7!  7Q2 succeeded in being the top borrowing group of last term, taking over 200 books out of the library to read. As a treat they were invited to LB1 to Skype with the author of Money Run.

Even though it was near Jack’s bedtime and we hadn’t even got to morning break we made contact and were enthralled by Jack’s breathless descriptions of how he became a writer (from the age of 6!). Luckily he paused for breath occasionally, and for questions. Now 7Q2 are passing round copies of Money Run and are eagerly awaiting his new book, Hit List early next year.  

Find out more by checking him out on Facebook or You-tube : . 

Watch the trailer for Hit List below.

Red House Book Awards – shortlist for 2012 out now!

The annual Red House Book Award is now officially underway and you can find details here.

The Library is calling all Yr 7 enthusiastic readers to join a special Reading Group which will meet Monday lunchtimes in LB1 until Christmas. We will have multiple copies of the books, listed below – oh and plenty of chocolate biscuits!!

All we need you to do, is to try to read at least 3 of the books on the list and turn up for meetings to talk about what you have all read between now and the end of December. Then we can all go online to cast votes for our favourites. The Award winner will be announced in January 2012.


Books for Younger Readers

One Dog and His Boy by Eva Ibbotson                                                                              Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis
The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon

Books for Older Readers

Grace by Morris Gleitzman
A Monster Calls by PatrickNess                                                                                              My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher

Pop in the Library if you are interested, and talk to Mrs Gibson.