Roald Dahl Quiz 2011

Has someone had too much snozzlejuice?

Monday lunchtime this week saw great excitement in the library, as teams of Yr 7 students took part in the Great Roald Dahl Quiz 2011.  This event runs every year and is always hugely popular, with good reason!  The teams answered five rounds of questions on various subjects, including the life of Roald Dahl and some of his most famous characters. 

Whilst racking their brains, the teams fortified themselves with snozzlejuice (a specially guarded and very secret recipe) and Dahlian chocolatey snacks.  Competition for the winning places was tough as always, and, remarkably, all of the winning teams were ‘incomplete’, consisting of only two or three students.  In first place were the Oompa-loompas, followed in second place by the Twits, with the Twitettes coming third.  This year there were also some bonus prizes – Mrs Gibson had sneakily placed some ‘golden tickets’ underneath 4 chairs. The lucky winners received a chocolate bar!

The event was popular with teachers too, and all the English teachers were there. We even had a visit from Mr Baldwin, who couldn’t resist a glass (or two) of snozzlejuice!

Mrs Gibson with the worthy winners!

Miss Cowles and Miss Jackson join in the fun!

Mrs Wood brewing the Snozzlejuice!


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