Read the book? Now see the film!

War Horse by Michael MorpurgoIt is great to see EVERYONE reading at Backwell School. We have a waiting list for War Horse in the Library, and Mr Ball, our Site Manager, borrowed a copy yesterday. Here is what he has to say about it:

Cleck here to watch the film trailer

 Read this last night.  Great story simply written through the eyes and ears of the horse – most unusual.

The book is written very simply and the story flows quite well. The events in the horse’s life are not over dramatised and it shows how he responds to good care and love, and earns the respect and love of his various owners, keepers and captors.

Slightly worried the film may ruin the simplicity by over dramatization of events.

My wife is now reading. Thank you Library Ladies,  Brilliant:-)

Mr Ball                                                                                                         Site Manager                                                                                     


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