Wikipedia off-line today

Here in the library, we are not particularly upset by this, as we have plenty of non-fiction books and print encyclopaedias. Twitter has been chirping madly about the website’s protest at proposed anti-piracy laws in the US. Just follow #FactsWithoutWikipedia.

Here are just  a few of our favourite tweets, all from Philip Ardagh who visited Backwell School last September (@PhilipArdagh):

“Pride and Prejudice: book by Colonel Steve Austin about a bunch of bigoted lions.”

“e-books: the exclamation made by Yorkshire people on entering a library and looking around.”

“Catch 22: the very bottom bolt on the vault door of Fort Knox.”

“Shamrock: Sherlock Holmes’s Irish half-brother.”


4 thoughts on “Wikipedia off-line today

  1. Anti piracy laws (SOPA) and Protect IP Addresses (PIPA) are very important to the american goverment but they will severely harm the free internet – including Wikipedia (Run by the WikiMedia corporation)!

    • Thanks for your comments Edward. My post was a little tongue-in-cheek, as I was amused by the huge furore on Twitter about loss of Wikipedia for the day – when only a few years ago, we managed quite well without it. Rememberdon’t believe everything you read on there – always double check your facts using another reliable source!

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