Booktastic Scholastic Book Fair!

Wow, what a great week we had last week! Usually the Library Ladiez are keen to encourage borrowing books, but this time we were promoting book ownership. LB1 was turned into a book shop with Scholastic’s mobile book shelves and the English Department put themselves out to bring all Yr7 – 9 students in to have a look and give them the opportunity to buy a book for themselves. And our student library assistants helped (wo)man the tills at lunchtimes.

6 Students won £5 Book Vouchers in our competitions. Here are the winners of the Year 7 Booky Top Trumps Competition:

We took an amazing £1030 which gave us a 60% commission for the school. Staff and students from Education Support came to choose £250 of books for their bookshelves, which are used at break and lunchtimes. We also chose new titles Library, leaving us with excess funds to spend throughout the year.A BIG THANK YOU to all those who helped us out, and who spent money!

Enjoy your books 🙂


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