8S2 are skyping Andrew Taylor in Australia today!

Andrew Taylor (author of Meteorite Strike series) will be speaking to 8S2 today about his new science fiction thriller, The Adjusters.

Click here to read the first intreguing chapter.

As he is in Australia, it will be via Skype. We are hoping to find out where he got the idea from (The Doctors in Newton have a sinister medical centre on the hill, where they use a procedure called the “adjustment” for kids who don’t fit in), how does he build his characters and how does he write successfully from a teenagers point of view.


Comic Capers with year 7 today!

Our second event with the super-cool mad-men, otherwise known as the Etherington Brothers, was even more successful than the last one! Robin and Lorenzo entertained and enlightened us, making us all believe we could easily become comic book authors and illustrators. Indeed, after the last event Charlie and Millie have proved just that with their own fabulous story lines:

Charlie and Millie’s take on The Etherington Brothers!

Budding comic authors!

2 hours later, having run out of books to sign, they were finished!

A few students will have to wait until the next visit on 15th June when Robin and Lorenzo will spend break in the Library, signing books for those who missed out.

Take a look at their blog, to see if we get a mention, and check out The Book of Summers  by Emylia Hall, which is on this year’s Richard and Judy’s Summer Bookclub, and is written by Robin’s wife!!

We have it on the Library’s shopping list!

Library eBooks are on the horizon.

Mrs Gibson and other local school librarians, met with Browns Books for Students and Overdrive yesterday, to watch demonstrations of their e-book platforms for school libraries. As more students are bringing their kindles, ipads, touches and smart phones into the library to read and share books, we need to prepare to offer digital as well as print versions of their favourite books, via our library catalogue on Eclipse.

Further details from Overdrive’s website.

Overdrive,  is the American platform used by many US public libraries and a few in the UK. We saw how it  integrates with Eclipse allowing readers to download in one click. With e and audio books available, there is even an App so that you don’t  have to be in school to download!  A small number of Independant schools have just bought into this so we have the opportunity of watching to see how they get on, before taking our first steps.

We learnt much more from BBfS, as they showed a live demonstration of their VLebook format. Their platform will stock non-fiction as well as fiction when it goes live later in June, and probably text books very soon. These will be available to read online, or download onto a variety of readers (but not-as-yet kindles) The visuals were very clear, with plenty of options for bookmarking, making notes, referencing, copying (within copyright laws). Fonts were easily enlarged and an English dictionary will be a right-click away. BBfS is developing the ability for teachers to be able to preload notes to pages or chapters and post links on the school VLE for their students to study in school or at home.

Early days, but fascinating opportunities! (Free trials will be available in the near future.) In the meantime, if you would like further information, please come in to speak with Mrs Gibson.

Brownies and Books

A good turnout for our Staff Reading Group Meeting. Mrs Parnell provided tea and home-made brownies while the group discussed Pure by local author, Andrew Miller. We were all agreed it was a beautifully written evocative piece about Paris, just before the start of the revolution, but the grime and smell and lack of plot, made it a difficult read for some.

Our next book is going to be The remains of the day by Kazuo Ishiguro, which was a book offered by World Book Night. Our meeting, sometime in Term 6, will be announced later.

If you would like more information about the group, or a copy of the book, please ask the Library Ladiez.