Tom Gates Mania with Liz Pichon for all Year 7s!

Liz Pichon is coming in to school on Friday, to talk to ALL Year 7 students. She will be talking about her work and her life as a writer, and I think, will be encouraging students to try their hand at illustration. There will be time for questions and answers, and the opportunity to purchase a book and have it signed by Liz.

Year 7 have been fantastic during their Library Induction and are well on their way to becoming Independent Learners. We very much hope they enjoy this treat as their last activity before we get down to the business of fortnightly Reading Lessons.


Year 7 are becoming awesome Library users.

We are almost a month into the new school year, and life in Backwell School Libraryland has been extremely busy. The Year 7 and Year 12 Library Inductions are almost at an end, and so our new students will be soon be expert Library users!

Year 7s are showing off their new skills this week by playing Library Sweep (a cross between Monopoly and Supermarket Sweep) and we will be running out of Library merits soon! They have enjoyed this crazy Dewey Rap so much that I think we had better share it with all our followers:

Like us, you will be unable to stop strutting and humming!