The Book Fair is coming!

Book fair

Once again we have the Scholastic Book Fair in school, to celebrate World Book Day, which falls on Thursday 7th March this year.

All Year 7 – 9 students will visit the fair, which is in LB1 (and open during break and lunchtime) during their English lessons. They will receive their WBD £1 voucher which they can choose to spend at the Fair, or at participating bookshops. The school earns commission on each sale and chooses new books for the Library before the Fair leaves.

2 students from each year group will win themselves a £5 voucher to spend at the fair, following a week of competitions run in Library Lessons: Top Trump Book Posters (Yr 7), Good Beginnings (Yr 8) and Book Tweet Titles (Yr 9).

There is actually no need to spend any of your own money, you can take your voucher to a bookshop and look at the collection of £1 books especially published for World Book Day. Take a look at the great books available this year.


For those not wishing to purchase a print book, there is always the WBD App, available on itunes, absolutely free! Talk about having a “book on the go!”


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