Carnegie Lunch at Churchill Academy.

Backwell’s Carnegie Reading Group visited Churchill Academy this week to debate the shortlist for the Carnegie Award (given to the best written childrens’ book of the year)

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“I thoroughly enjoyed Carnegie this year, although some of the books were a bit strange (A boy and a bear in a boat.) Over the last few weeks both Backwell and Churchill students have been reading the shortlisted books, giving us a good starting point for the afternoon’s discussion.  The lunch was delicious and the Librarians, nice too, making it a great experience!”  Matthew, Yr 9, voting for Wonder

Thank you very much Churchill students and Librarians, Mrs Dibble, Mrs McGilloway for a great day of fun, debate and lovely food!


Read about Standish Treadwell, a hero of our times.

Dyslexic author Sally Gardner, has just won the Carnegie medal for her dystopian story of a boy standing up to a totalitarian state. In her acceptance speech she described Michael Gove’s new curriculum as “exclud[ing] rather than embrac[ing]” those like her, “with a different way of seeing and thinking….You can spell every word in the dictionary and know every grammar rule in the world, but this does not give you an imagination.”

Sally Gardner. Click to see her website.

Sally Gardner. Click to see her website.

Read all about Standish Treadwell (very aptly named!) and his friend Hector who are prepared to stick their heads above the parapet and speak up for freedom: “There are train-track thinkers, then there’s you, Standish, a breeze in the park of imagination.”  You will not have read anything like this before!  The Library now has several copies for you to borrow.

Year 7 play The Reading Game

Year 7 students have been playing The Reading Game in their Library Lessons this week. They have the opportunity to look at a number of books belonging to different genres. They check out the covers, blurb and first pages to decide which books they would most like to borrow.

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As a result we have run out of copies of some titles!

Book Art in the Library

We are thrilled to display Vicky Lee-Bapty’s beautiful installation .  It was part of her GCSE coursework on the theme of Maps and Journeys and if you look closely, the birds are made from maps.

Faraway Tree 2

The book art is created from Enid Blyton’s much loved book, The Faraway Tree, by Abi Taylor

We also have some book butterflies trying to escape created by Beth Cole:

Book art

Everyone is admiring them girls!