Library Trip to meet Malorie Blackman at Bristol Grammar School

Well, there is a first for everything! Having run numerous author events in school, the Library Ladiez decided to accept an invitation to take a party to BGS to hear the present Children’s Laureate and award winning author Malorie Blackman speak. So we took 25 students from Y8 – 12 up to a very different school to our own for a lovely literary event, with tea!

This is what Proby, Y8 had to say:

Yesterday I went to see Malorie Blackman at Bristol Grammar School where she talked about her career as a writer.  She is a mature, happy, funny lady with deep thoughts about how things happening around the world will affect the future.  As a result of her great mind she has written 61 inspiring books (I’ve read Trust Me and Hacker). Malorie Blackman has so many sides to her personality that she writes books in many different ways. She even uses her dreams and nightmares! Not everything went to plan because when publishers didn’t like her stories she nearly gave up, but luckily she didn’t because her family strongly believed in her and supported her.  She really is a special person!


Melvin Burgess coming to Backwell.

Melvin Burgess

The Library Ladiez are thrilled to be welcoming the acclaimed and often controversial author, Melvin Burgess to school in December. He is probably best known for his 1996 YA novel, Junk, which was a class reader here a few years ago.  Actually Melvin has been writing for the past 30 years on topics as diverse as heroin addiction, teenage sex, Alzheimer’s and cosmetic surgery, with the occasional trip into fantasy,  and always has great empathy with his teenagers characters. Here he is talking about his own teenage years:

‘My books are about important, exciting issues. I look for an imaginative, adventurous way of writing about them that isn’t preachy’ (The Manchester Evening News, 28 June 2001).

Melvin will be running two 1 1/2 hour writing workshops for Y10-12 students.

Year 7 Parents Information Evening

The Library Ladiez will be on-hand to offer information about our Reading Lessons, reading homework and tips for helping your child continue to read for pleasure. All students have taken a leaflet about Reading Lessons home to share with parents and carers, but incase yours has become lost-in-transit, here it is in digital format:

brochure cover

Reading 4 pleasure leaflet