7Q1 Death Eaters – gobble up the Book-a-tron Award for 2013.

We hope everyone who attended the first Battle of the Book-a-trons thought it was as successful as the Library Ladiez did. We decided to broaden the quiz content from previous years and included rounds on Tom Gates, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter Characters and Foreign Book Covers. Each Y7 Tutor Group entered a team of 6 and they enjoyed some tasty treats while they competed: Caramel Wafers, Prawn Cocktail Crisps and Polyjuice Potion (can you spot the literary links here?) We had some lovely English teachers help with some readings and several Y7 tutors popped in to prime their teams and share their winnings. Although 7Q1 were the outright winners, there were actually only 7 points between all 9 teams. Judging by some of the faces in the following slideshow, there were some tricky questions! Thank you Mr Murphy for such fabulous photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you to everyone taking part – and Merry Christmas from The Library Ladiez!


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