A very Booky week: 3 – 7th March

>Bookfair 2014The Library Ladiez have been extremely busy this week. They have been planning the annual Scholastic Book Fair which will be in LB1 3 – 7th March and open to all at lunchtimes. Yr 7 – 9 students will all pay a visit during their Library or Reading lessons.

In preparation the students have been taking part in competitions for £5 Book Fair vouchers:
Yr 7, designing their own Top Trump character card
Yr 8, linking the opening story line to the book cover
Yr 9, guessing well known book titles from a Plot Tweet

Winners will be announced next week.

World Book Day

Every student will also recieve a World Book Day voucher for £1, which can be spent at the Book Fair, or in a participating bookshop.

Guess the Book

To celebrate WBD younger students will be encouraged to track down the 45 teachers wearing Booky Badges on Thursday. The three students guessing the most book titles from the badges will be prize winners.

If students want to take their WBD vouchers away, these are the 2 young adult titles available for £1 in most bookshops. We think the new title from Robert Muchamore, Rock Wars, is going to be a hit!

£1 books 2014


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