World Book Day, World Book Night – Library 24/7

This post is reporting back on the long gone, World Book Day Scholastic Book Fair and our recent World Book Night celebrations.

The Library Ladiez were thrilled with this year’s response to the Book fair and takings were up – totalling £1500!! This meant a healthy commission which was spent on titles for the Reading Room, competition prizes and a fresh set of books chosen by students for the ever growing collection in Education Support. WORLD BOOK DAY itself was a gloomy day but we were very busy. Here are a few sneaky pictures to prove that School Libraries are still very much alive and kicking:

WORLD BOOK NIGHT soon followed and Mrs Gibson along with Miss Usoro, Mr Rome, Mr Pritchard, Mrs Withers and Miss Cowles were chosen to be givers. we had 85 books in total – 5 of our favourite titles and could not believe the speed with which they disappeared. 10 minutes was all it took, we even had sweets left over. #proofthatteenagerstillenjoyreadingarealbook

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We have to thank the lovely Mrs Reynolds who asked to “give” WBN book, The Recruit by Robert Muchamore as her granddaughter had told her that boys are not keen readers. We used Mr Conkie’s marvelous Random Generator during a Y7 assembly to choose lucky recipiants, both boys and girls. The Library Ladiez have noticed Robert Muchamore’s books disappearing from the shelves as a result and one girl told us she was borrowing for her Mum!! #jobdone


One thought on “World Book Day, World Book Night – Library 24/7

  1. Very happy to report that Ms Usoro read my book The Humans by Matt Haig and then passed it on to Alex, Y12, in her maths class. He loved it so much he passed it on to his mum who has now given it to his sister – YAY for WBN!!

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