Reading Role Models are visiting a tutor group near you!

We have recruited a band of Reading Role Models (students recommended by their English teachers as readers, and the Librarian as top library borrowers) to pop into Y7 tutor groups on Mondays (quiet reading) to promote reading for pleasure.

During their training session last term, this is why they thought reading was considered so important in Backwell School:

Student ideas why read

They will be working with ALL students over the course of the year, taking small groups out to discuss their thoughts on reading and to visit the library for some booky games and suggestions. In other words, they are out to SPREAD THE READING LOVE!

We will keep you updated with their activities.


Reading prescriptions and marvellous medicine.

The library opened especially for Y7 students today, with Library Doctors on hand to write Reading Prescriptions and offer pills and potions to aid Bookish dilemmas. Students could browse the collections, watch a Quentin Blake video, complete Gobblefunk word searches  and of course, borrow books, cds and dvds.

Trusty 6th form assistants were on hand to administer the marvellous medicine – and wash up afterwards!