Fighting Fun.

What a fantastic time we had with nine Year 7  teams competing to win this year’s Battle of the Book-a-trons in the Library!

Each tutor group put forward a team to battle it through 5 rounds of Tom Gates video observations, Hunger Games mutliple choice, Harry Potter character pictures, David Walliams readings and general book knowledge. The Library Ladiez were joined by several members of the English Department and a trusty Scores-on-the-doors panel of 6th form assistants. Mr Baldwin even found time to announce the winners for us – and don a pair of festive glasses. The students kept their strength up with our literary snacks: Bruce Bogtrotter cake, caramel wafers, prawn cocktail crisps and polyjuice potion, and by the looks of our photos had a super time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the houses were represented among the winners:


2) 7Q1

3) 7S2 & 7C2.

Well done Year 7, and have a very Merry Christmas!


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