Moira Young – Guest Bloggers.

The Library Ladiez are taking a back seat today as we have three guest-bloggers, Jemma, Ellie and Sienna, who are going to tell you about our event with author Moira Young.

Moira Young, author of The Dustlands trilogy, visited Backwell School today.  Me and some other girls were lucky enough to have lunch with this talented author, before the event.  Moira Young is a unique writer with a style that can capture the reader from the first chapter.  She draws on her own experiences and stories to write the adventures for her characters.  This probably contributes to the fact that her novels are fast-paced and full of action, page after page.  Moira isn’t just a fantastic author, she is an inspirational person.  Before her career as a writer, she was an actress and an opera singer.  Something within her kept telling her that she needed to write a book.  Moira listened to that voice that so many of us ignore.  Pure determination got her to where she is today, a very successful children’s author.  I truly recommend reading Blood Red Road and the rest of the stories; you will not be disappointed!  Jemma Yr 9

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Moira Young was an extraordinary woman to say the least.  I was so lucky to have the chance to meet her, let alone have lunch with her.  She was so charismatic and the story of how she became an author was very interesting.  Moira gave me a completely different view on how writing a story takes place.  For her, the stories were formulated through dreams, ‘messages from the universe’ and her family’s past.  I have tried many times to write stories using meticulous planning and every single one has been unsuccessful.  Moira has inspired me to go about writing in a completely different way and to let it come from me.  Moira Young is such a lovely woman and it was a great pleasure for a huge fan (me) to meet her!  Ellie Yr 9   

Moira was a big inspiration, and her answers to the many questions gave me better ideas on how to write the book I am currently writing.  She answered questions better than any writer that has come to this school.  She writes differently to anyone I’ve ever read.  Very good choice of author Mrs Gibson!  Sienna Yr 9



The Book Thief : inter-house film review competition

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We are showing The Book Thief in the Drama Theatre over 3 lunchtimes next week. Years 8 and above are welcome to view the film of the famous book, written by Marcus Zusak (several copies in the library) 

We are also running an inter-house competition – for the best film review. You can pick up an entry form on the day. There will be prizes!

If you wish to get ahead, then why not borrow a copy of the book from the library? Read it and then you can also decide whether the film does it justice.

Book Illustration and comic art.

After the recent tragic events in France, where terrorists attacked the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, there has been a lot written in the media about cartoonists and comic art.

The Library Ladies picked up the following blog article (I want to make cartoons and comics but I have no idea where to start!) via Twitter which will tell you a lot about the different kinds of cartoon art and how to go about producing your own (not as difficult as you would think!)


Click here to see the article.

It is written by Illustrator and writer Sarah McIntyre who is easy to spot in her pointy glasses and hats.

You can see another reason why the Library Ladies are a fan of hers!

You can see another reason why the Library Ladies are a fan of hers!

She makes picture books and comics with two other artists in an old police station – complete with jail cells! – in Deptford, south London. You may have seen her collaborations with Philip Reeve, Oliver and the Seawigs and Cakes in Space. 


Moira Young coming to school.

Moira Young, author of the Dustlands Trilogy will be in school on January 21st , P5/6. If you have read the Hunger Games, enjoy dystopian fiction, adventure and reading about family relationships then this could be the next series for you.

Students can register with the Library Ladiez to collect a ticket now. But hurry, places are going fast!

Moira Young visit

Year 7 Reading challenge for 2015

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Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year.

Of course, being Library Ladiez, we wish everyone would read even more this year. So, we have set the Year 7 Tutor Groups a challenge for this term: to read the height of an average Y7 student (1.5m tall). All students have silent reading once a week in tutor time and a fortnightly Reading Lesson, but they must keep up their reading at home to help their group pile up the books.

It doesn’t matter – fast or slow reader, it will all add up. (If each student read 2 books in the time period the group would reach 1.5m)

And of course each Tutor could assist by adding their books to the pile!!

We will be updating you over the next 6 weeks, with the reading leaders. So, in the mean time:

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