The Challenge is over and we have a winner!


Final Scores

After 3 months of frenetic reading and reviewing by students, and checking, photocopying and merit-giving by the Library Ladiez, we have several winners for our Y7 Reading Challenge (to read the height of an average Y7 student in 3 months)

The Winning Tutor Group was 7C2 for reaching a staggering height of 2.62m.

7C2 winners

Heather and Michael also won prizes for reading the most books and pages in their Tutor Group.

And here are some of the titles they have been reading:


The Tutor Group reading the highest pile of books, with THE MOST participants, was 7S3, with 28 students reading at least one book in the time period.


The student reading the most books was Lara. 22 books in total! And the one reading the most pages was Argentine. 5893 pages in total!

Books & pages winners

Whilst we are sure the results are fairly reliable, students were responsible for completing entries in their Reading passports and bringing in the books that they had read from home. A few have probably been missed off. All Library books read were added to the piles as they were returned.

The Library Ladiez have also been able to study the books read by our 11-12 year olds and whilst impressed with the interest in reading, they feel that many students should now be really challenging themselves with their reading. We have lost count of the number of times we added Wimpy kid: The long haul, Awful Auntie and Girl online to each total (obviously the most popular Christmas presents!) We will be focusing on stretching yourself by trying new genres, authors and series during Reading Lessons over the next couple of months. Watch this space for our suggestions!


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