World Book Day rolling story for Y8

Our rolling story, Oranges in no-man’s land by Elizabeth Laird, was a first here at Backwell. Each Y8 Tutor Group heard a 10 minute instalment at the start of every lesson throughout the day until by 3.30pm they had reached the satisfying conclusion. The logistics were complicated as you can imagine, involving 9 classes, 7 lesson periods and 63 storytellers and of course, finding a story with suitable content and of  suitable length was not easy either (Thank you Mrs Gibson and Mrs George)! Mr McGloin provided tutors with a thought provoking concluding session for the following day so that students could discuss the issues they had encountered through the medium of story-telling. We have been receiving great feedback from students AND staff ever since.

Y8 story - Oranges

Many comments have been, “We should do it more often!” The library Ladiez quite agree and might roll it out to Y7 next year – or we may not even wait that long!


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