Successful Book Fair 2015

Book Fair 2015 seems ages ago, as the Library Ladiez have been too busy to report! But we are pleased to announce that business was as brisk as ever and we took a staggering £1400 over the 5 days surrounding World Book Day. All Y7-9 students came in to take a look and receive their WBD tokens, many of which were spent at the fair itself.


And it wasn’t just all about books. Here we have DIY Minecraft, particularly enjoyed by the girls on a rainy lunchtime:


We had our expert Sales Team, Proby and Gemma to run the busy lunchtime sessions. What would we do without them!


Friday afternoon was spent collecting our healthy commission from the shelves before the Fair returned to Scholastic. Three students from Education Support came over with Mrs Gregory and made choices for the growing collection of books in their centre, while the Library Ladiez selected new titles for the Library. We will also be purchasing a new set of class readers for the English Department.

ES choosing

Many thanks to everyone who participated and sent in, or spent money!



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