David Gatward was here!


Year 9 (all of them) will know what this means. The rest of you will need to read the rest of this post to find out!!

The Library Ladiez have had their eye on David for a while, having heard reports of his entertainment value as well as his enthusiasm for promoting reading and writing. So when we found he had some days free, we booked him up to work with the whole of Y9.

He agreed to 2 talks (so we could have 1/2 the year group in the 6th form theatre at a time during their English lessons) and a writing workshop for 25 students, put forward by their English teachers. Inbetween these we managed a “Literary Lunch” with 4 boys keen to meet David close up, and a few English staff. All in all, a busy but successful day. We will let our pictures speak for themselves, but scroll down to read what the students’ thought of the events – because we wanted to make a good impression upon them. I think we did!

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Chloe said: “David Gatward was a brilliant author to have visit. He instantly got our attention when he told us he wasn’t one of those ordinary authors that just read their books in front of us! He told exciting stories about his life and why he started writing. overall, a great talk.”

Ellie attended the writing workshop and said: “David Gatward was one of the most bombastic and hilarious authors I have ever had the pleasure to meet. His ways of conjuring a story from the depths of his mind are far from the ordinary. However, after he shared them with us I have to admit that they did work extremely well. Through everything he said he weaved in the fact that to be a good writer you have to have the confidence to be able to read your story aloud to others. I think now I have finally grasped that idea! David’s talk later, was far from dreary, especially when he got into his climbing tights from the 1980s, which were so bright they almost made you feel ill!! His talk also inspired me to do a bit more with my life, with some crazy things thrown in, because ordinary is boring!”

Ed said, “David was great! He was funny and told us what he did to get where he is today, which was really interesting”

You can find much more information about David on his website here.


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