Backwell Books-in-a-bag project

Having looked at the fantastic Letterbox Club for some of our students requiring support with their English and Maths, we decided to make our own. We liked the concept but felt our students would benefit from a pack tailor made to their needs. We chose eighteen Y7 and 8 students and involved the Pupil Premium Coach, the Head of Maths and the Librarian. At the end of every “old” term we arrange a buffet lunch and invite the children and their parents or carers to join us. At Christmas they received the Guinness Book of World Records, a reading book chosen especially for them and a maths puzzle toy. At Easter the pack contained an Usborne Maths book, a book of Michael Rosen’s poetry and a story we thought they would enjoy – oh and an Easter egg! This July we have just delivered our last bags during a picnic lunch, containing a Card pack of maths puzzles, a mini school dictionary and a final story:


We have so enjoyed seeing the smiles on our students’ faces when they unwrap a book they know they will be able to read and enjoy and immediately open the puzzles and start playing with them. Several parents have made the time to attend every lunch which means they too can get involved and staff can meet them for an informal chat. We will be surveying all involved over the summer to check if there is anything we can do to improve our project so that we can run it again next year.