We know that a lot of school and childrens’ libraries are categorizing their fiction stock to make choosing a story easier but have held back ourselves. Whilst we know a lot of students struggle to find a good story for themselves, we also believe in serendipity – the joy of picking up something unusual. Also, we are lucky to have a very large stock which would be extremely difficult to manage in this way: our student assistants do the shelving for us and our lovely readers are always asking for specific titles and series that we need to be able to get our hands on quickly. So, this summer we have created some Genre-Windows within out alphabetical sequence and hope this will offer choice for everyone


Our bookshelves are traditional and wooden but with borders created in Word and taped onto the shelf edges with tough shiny booktape we have been able to highlight the new sections: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Humour and Life stories.

Romance  Crime

We have made out own book labels and fixed them with scotch-tape beneath the plastic jackets. We think this will be robust enough!

Home made labels

Home made lables

Fantasy is the most tricky section to create because so many stories come in very long series and we haven’t room for them all. But, we have labelled the books and added their genre to the catalogue record. The books can still be found – either in the Fantasy category or in the A-Z sequence. All we need to do is train our readers to check both places on the catalogue and the shelves!


Pick and Mix stories have been placed on our spinners – junior level reading for less able, or those looking for a quick pick.

Pick n mix

We have even displayed our small collection of Talking Books in this way.

Talking books

We will let you know how our readers find them, and if we are going to add any more.


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