Y7 space jacked by author, Huw Powell

Local author, Huw Powell came in to visit Y7 today as part of their Library Induction Programme. We kicked off with lunch for 6 lucky students who had asked to meet him:

Daniel said ” I am obsessed with English and meeting him would boost my knowledge.”

Sophia said “I really struggle in writing and get too many ideas! I need help.”

Grace asked “I would like to have lunch with Huw because I might like to be an author one day and maybe he could give me some tips on starting a book.”

We shared our packed lunches and Huw even brought in chocolate biscuits. Everyone, including Governor Mrs Edwards, enjoyed a great chat about books, reading, writing, food and how life in Backwell School is going!

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Then it was time to get all 300 Y7 students seated comfortably in the school theatre for the main event. We will let the students tell you about it:

“Huw Powell was great fun. He was quite talkative and interesting when he read a few passages from this first Space Jackers book and the new one, The lost sword.”

“It was amazing. I never knew he was such a good artist!” Shaz

“I enjoyed the author visit because it wasn’t just him talking, it was interactive and exciting. I will definitely read his book!” Student 7C3

“I enjoyed how he said ‘never give up’ and he’s a good author!” Tim

All in all it was a great event. Many thanks to Huw, everyone who helped out with the logistics of such a large event and the teachers who gave up their lessons to allow their students to meet a real author.