1340 books recorded for Read for my school

So, Read for my school has finished after 4 months of reading and logging for our Y7s. The final total was 1340 books, mostly read in print but a few digital too. The winners are 7Q3 seen here with their trophy:


Archie, Grace, Lily, Ruby and Olivia all read a good deal and took the trouble to log their book titles throughout the period. The tutor group as a whole won a special lesson, with free reading and a video of the graphic novel authors, The Etherington Brothers at the Hay Festival – along with a few sweeties! 7Q1 will also experience this as their tutor group had the most students recording their reading.

Overall the tallies look like this:

Running total

And there are individual winners to be rewarded in each tutor group.

This was a new initiative with Y7 in our continuing search for ways to challenge and encourage our younger readers. And one, the Library Ladiez feel is not worth running again. We had heard of other schools in the area using the on-line competition (www.readformyschool.co.uk) with librarians keen to use the administration offered by the website and have their students record their own reading. Problems we discovered were too many to make this worthwhile in the future:

  • Although the website sign-up was set as homework, it took some students a long time to do so. And the Sign-up process was not very user-friendly
  • Students had to be responsible for their own reading records and register their books in their own time at home or in school during break. Most did in January and February but only a few continued throughout the 4 month period.
  • We suspect a number of students just recorded all the books on their bedroom bookshelf, without using the library to try new authors and titles!
  • Only a few tried out the digital reads, and obviously had difficulty in choosing texts suitable for their reading ability. Year 7s can be rather canny, clicking their way through the pages in a number of minutes in order to be able to click “Complete”!

We think Read for my school is a great activity, but probably one more suited to Primary classes, where the teacher has constant contact and input with their students. The automatic records and statistics are great (which is how we know about the rapid digital reading!) and so time-saving, but only if students remain enthusiastic and are entirely truthful when recording.

So, onwards and upwards – watch this space next January, when we try something new and probably more home-grown.

In the meantime we will be encouraging our readers to fill out their Reading passport Bingo Cards over the next few months, which will hopefully add some quality to the quantity. Maybe even set it up as a challenge for each tutor group with students working on different books/squares. There should be something for everyone.

Bingo card



The Day After

The Day After, is probably a life experience our 6th formers are dealing with in many ways, but today it was all about celebrating World Book Night which was actually on Saturday 23rd April, Will Shakespeare’s birthday!

Books list

Mrs Atkins (our cover administrator) and Mr Pritchard from Science successfully applied to give books from the list (Band of Brother, Too good to be true & Last bus to Coffeeville)


Several staff from the Admin Team and Teaching Staff generously gifted a book, from their own book shelves, which they thought would interest a 6th form student. These we packaged up with labels from the teachers:

So, we had about 6o books to offer our hard working students; something to help them relax for a while during their exam period.


Interestingly, the individually packaged books were the first to be devoured, so we must try this again next year.