The Day After

The Day After, is probably a life experience our 6th formers are dealing with in many ways, but today it was all about celebrating World Book Night which was actually on Saturday 23rd April, Will Shakespeare’s birthday!

Books list

Mrs Atkins (our cover administrator) and Mr Pritchard from Science successfully applied to give books from the list (Band of Brother, Too good to be true & Last bus to Coffeeville)


Several staff from the Admin Team and Teaching Staff generously gifted a book, from their own book shelves, which they thought would interest a 6th form student. These we packaged up with labels from the teachers:

So, we had about 6o books to offer our hard working students; something to help them relax for a while during their exam period.


Interestingly, the individually packaged books were the first to be devoured, so we must try this again next year.







2 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Hi ! So pleased you had a great World Book Night.I was laid low with a fluy bug so still have my books to give.I chose the Ann Cleeves Quick Read.Will find a home for them when I ‘m feeling better. Best Wishes Maureen

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