Icy inspiration from Matt Dickinson

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Second time around for us, and so we knew what to expect from a Matt Dickinson event. With the success of his visit to us two years ago, we planned talks to Y7 and Y8 in our main hall so that all students could benefit from his tales of climbing Everest and sailing to the Antarctic. Matt knows exactly what will appeal to this age group and held the students enthralled with true stories and a few tall tales! Students had the opportunity to add their own opinions and to ask questions. At the end of the events we had sold over 130 books and have had to order more to satisfy demand for The Everest Files and Mortal Chaos. There was also a lot of interest for Lie Kill Walk Away, Matt’s latest title which was actually released the day he visited.

A lucky Y8 English class came to the Library for a Writing Workshop with the author, who encouraged them to add detail to their emotions, characters and descriptions. Some beautifully descriptive work came out of the session heavily influenced by Matt’s travels.

At lunchtime we held our usual literary picnic for our visiting author, with six Y7 students who wrote asking to come because they enjoyed reading, wished to meet an author or were interested in film making.

Today staff and students are still buzzing – what a lovely atmosphere for a Friday! Here are some of the things they have been saying:

I liked the bit when Matt joked about the brain! I think he was very funny but serious at the same time. I had a great time and he’s a lovely guy.           Zack Y7

The visit from Matt Dickinson was amazing. I felt as if I was at Everest and I was pursuing my dream. I hope other people felt like this too.     Lauren Y7

I thought it was amazing! My favourite part was when he was telling about buying Toffee Crisps which exploded! I bought his new book, Lie Kill Walk Away and am about 10 pages through and I already love it.   Charlie Y7

Climbing up Everest looked and sounded absolutely thrilling yet at the same time, terrifying. His presentation showed how even through struggles, you can achieve your dreams.     Anya Y7

Matt really inspired me to be a filmer because I would like to travel the world. I got the Everest Files and am really enjoying it.     Jake Y8

The part I most enjoyed was the video of him reaching the top of Mount Everest! Matt was really nice when we met him to sign our books. I got Lie Kill Walk Away which is very graphic and detailed, with an amazing story line with loads of plot twists. I want to say thank you to all the librarians for organising this event because it must have been a lot of work! Thank you!                Katie Y7 

Wow, I’ve been Googling him! What an amazing man!     Mr Blakey  Maths teacher

I only got to hear the last 5 minutes. Make sure I can come to listen to it all next year.                    Mrs Byrne   Modern Languages

All in all, we had a great day and Matt complimented our students for their attention and enthusiasm.  The Library Ladiez would like to thank everyone on the staff who helped them run everything smoothly – Toffee crisp rewards are on their way!