Harry Potter Night 2017

assembly-slideAfter the success of our Y7 Battle of the Bookatrons, we have decided to roll out the team quiz format to celebrate Harry Potter Night this year. Teams of 4 are invited from Y8 & Y9. They need a Wizardly name and a plate of magical munchies!

The Quiz will be on February 1st at lunchtime – with PRIZES!



2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Night 2017

  1. Hello Library Ladiez! I’m still receiving your emails,which is lovely to continue to see the enthusiasm for reading.Don’t think you’ll persuade Josh to take up reading again,maybe when he’s older. I was intrigued by the blackout poetry competition.What exactly were the rules?Did you choose the text or were they all different?Thought we could try it at WI!! Best Wishes Maureen Reynolds Elodie and Josh’s Grandma

    Sent from Maureen’s iPhone


    • Thank you Maureen. You are always so complimentary! We think Blackout Poetry would be an awesome idea for the WI – it is more difficult than you think!! Take a look at this link: http://www.powerpoetry.org/actions/5-tips-creating-blackout-poetry for some tips, but just Googling Blackout poetry will lead you to others. Old book pages are probably the best and create a lovely display, but you can use newspaper columns or magazine articles too. We just split up books we didn’t need anymore and distributed them, but some students chose their own. You could try photocopying pages from classics to see where they lead you.
      Good luck and do send us some
      The Library Laziez

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