Write a story in just 500 words

500-words-lesson-2017We have been promoting the Radio 2 500 Words competition in Y7 Library lessons this week. Many students have entered in the past, either on their own or through their Primary school. They can continue to participate until their 13th year so we are keen to encourage them to participate.

We have watched the promotional video followed by the prize winning entries being read aloud from the Globe Theatre in London last year (a great resource for lessons). Mrs Gibson and Mrs Wood continue to be judges and their top tip would be: think of a small clever scenario and elaborate with the detail. These winners are perfect examples of this and have got the students wondering if they could create something similar.

Go online here to find out more, and click here to watch and listen to some of the past entries for yourselves. Get inspired and have a go – you know you want to!


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