Year 7 Reading Challenge

We have usually set our Reading Challenge for the year by now, but we have been trying to set up something that would challenge ALL readers, not just the keen and able. In the past we have tried to encourage reading as many books as possible in a set time and given prizes to winning tutor groups. But on reflection, we are pretty sure that many less keen readers tend to sit back and let the others do the work! So, inspired by Bennett Memorial Diocesan School and encouraged by English teacher Mrs Rose,  we have decided upon a change of plan this year.

All students are being set the task to read a book a term for the last two terms of the year, starting NOW. We are launching the challenge in Reading lessons and ensuring that ALL students leave with a suitable book (whether chosen from the library or from home). Our guidelines are below:

Challenge outline for blog

We will not be seeing students for 4 weeks due to the Easter holidays, which give them plenty of time for them to have a good read and finish, or nearly finish their chosen book.

Upon return, we will then be writing our first Critical Review together in class and choosing a creative activity to do for homework next term, in response to what we have read:

Activities for blog

So far most students have left us happy, and some have even chosen borrow two books, just to be on the safe side! The Library Ladiez are looking forward to hearing all about them next term (as we never have time to read all our books).



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