The power of stories, with Non Pratt

Things are quieter again in Library Land after a hectic and inspiring day with Non Pratt yesterday. She came in to school to work with Year 9; running two writing workshops and giving a presentation on the Power of Stories to 150 students in the afternoon.

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Writing workshops focused on building a step-by-step realistic character background for old favourites like Dora, The Explorer, Scar and Darth Vader. We finished by flipping well know characteristics to see how that would alter the story, so Darth Vader became good, Scar transformed into an elephant and Dora developed a visual impairment!

Creating interesting dialogue can be really tricky but with Non steering students through a scene of Hansel and Gretel we were so proud of the final achievements.

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Non’s presentation on The Power of Stories urged students to engage with and question the stories they encounter in books, film, TV and the news. She encouraged them to use the Bechdel Test when watching a film and challenge dated stereotypes still promoted by the  media. We loved the Ask-me-anything session in the middle of her presentation!

Thank you so much Non for spending time with us and firing us up with your enthusiasm and humour. Your lunchtime companions were thrilled to meet you and are fighting over our lovely signed copy of your new book!!!




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