Backwell School Book Day

Logo BSBSWe do a lot in school for World Book Day in March but this year two of our lovely English Teachers, Ms Gocoul and Ms Rose were inspired to create our very own Book Day later in the year; Backwell Book Day

By Term 6 Y11 and Y13 are off timetable and the atmosphere in school is a little more relaxed, so some booky activities were suggested for Tutor Time, teachers were asked to give their lessons a literary bent and an author and poet were invited into to school. By the time the day arrived we also had a Hunger Games Quiz devised by Y10 students for the library and a Book Swap arranged in one of the House Common Rooms. All ideas and the timetable were displayed on Frog, our learning platform to offer teachers inspiration.

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The day will not easily be forgotten as it turned out to be the hottest one of the year and The Library Ladiez were kept busy ushering Sarah Mussi, author of the Snowdonia Chronicles and Antosh Wojcik, performance poet on and off stage in the school theatre! Every Year Group saw a performance and several students joined our visitors for a picnic lunch. Sarah signed books for around 50 students after talking about her inspiration to write and Antosh took everyone’s breath away (“Wow, I wasn’t expecting that” said Science teacher, Mr Lewis) with his funny and surreal poems based on his life, family and quirky view of the world. It was lovely to see some students who struggle socially coming up to speak to him privately afterwards.

The Quiz was enthusiastically run and attended and the Book Swap was over almost before it began!

The entire English Department dressed beautifully for the day (but had shed a few layers by lunchtime!) and many teachers gave their lessons a literary theme: an excerpt from Frankenstein lead to discussion about the implications of scientific discoveries and History lessons looked at the use of Power, inspired by dystopian fiction.

The planning team were thrilled with what they achieved in a very short time this year. Watch out for the date of Backwell Book Day next year!



Carnegie and cake: an away-day for our Reading Group.

To celebrate 80 years of the Carnegie Medal for the best written book in the English language, as judged by a panel of 13 children’s librarians, Backwell’s Shadowing Group travelled to Churchill Academy for lunch. Over 40 students joined their Librarians to participate in Carnegie themed activities and competitions while they got to know each other better.

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Mixed teams entered the Big Carnegie Quiz which tested the detail of their reading, and also a Roll-a-story competition. English teacher, Mrs Strachan is seen here reading the winners after she had marked them all; click on the links below to read the winner and runner up.


Rollastory winnerRollastory Runner Up

Churchill provided us with lunch and as is out tradition now, the visitors brought cake to help deal with the anticipation before the winner was announced. (The bin for the CAPITAL LETTERS is my cheeky favourite – inspired by stars of oktober bend!) Headmaster, Mr Hildrew opened the envelope and we were thrilled that the adult judges had chose the same title, Salt to the Sea as we had done (see previous blog post about our Skype interview with the author Ruta Sepetys)

Go to our homepage on the Carnegie Shadowing site to read the many reviews students uploaded before the day,and the main Carnegie Greenaway Award site for more information about the Carnegie Award and the Shadowing Scheme.

Salt to the sea

All in all, a wonderful day with a great outcome. Many, many thanks to Churchill Librarians, Mrs Dibble and Mrs McGilloway for their tremendous preparation, Mrs Strachan for her expert marking and the Academy students for being so welcoming! We are now looking forward to next year and maybe a slightly different format for our day of Celebration.