Three day Book Bonanza

Our Scholastic Book Fair was a great success, despite only running for just over 3 days because of the snow! Most Y7-9 classes were able to visit during an English lesson and we were busy during our lunchtime every day. We would like to thank our supportive English Teachers for accompanying their classes and parents who provided the funds to purchase items. Also to our lovely band of student cashiers who ran the shop at lunchtimes.



Using our commission, we bought a lot of new titles for the school library and the English Department have chosen a new set Wonder for class reading.

World Book Day vouchers

Students who didn’t spend their £1 voucher at the Book Fair still have time to use them at participating bookshops, newsagents or supermarkets before the end of the month. They can be used against the price of a regular book, to obtain a £1 WBD book for younger readers, or towards the 5 teenage full titles which are retailing at £2.50.

YA books

More details can be found on the World Book Day website.




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