Ally Kennen talks to 7M2 and 8S3

Ally Kennan, a local author, came in to school to promote her latest book, Bullet Boys. We have been following her career ever since her first novel, Beast, was shortlisted for the Carnegie Award a few years back. If you like gritty adventure stories with plenty of danger, then she is the author for you!

She told us how, after several crazy jobs (including getting to Number 41 in the charts!), she took a creative writing course at Bath University and it was during that time that she wrote Beast. She has not looked back since! Even 3 children and a menagerie of animals don’t stop her from writing daily.

Her advice to budding authors was to keep a diary, even if you don’t write in it every day. It will offer plenty of ideas later in your life, when you are looking for inspiration.

Mrs Gibson was thrilled to find that Ally had tweeted a photo of her in LB1 that she has put on her own blog  She was praising Backwell and Brimsham Green schools for having Fiction Rooms and regular Library Lessons.