Three day Book Bonanza

Our Scholastic Book Fair was a great success, despite only running for just over 3 days because of the snow! Most Y7-9 classes were able to visit during an English lesson and we were busy during our lunchtime every day. We would like to thank our supportive English Teachers for accompanying their classes and parents who provided the funds to purchase items. Also to our lovely band of student cashiers who ran the shop at lunchtimes.



Using our commission, we bought a lot of new titles for the school library and the English Department have chosen a new set Wonder for class reading.

World Book Day vouchers

Students who didn’t spend their £1 voucher at the Book Fair still have time to use them at participating bookshops, newsagents or supermarkets before the end of the month. They can be used against the price of a regular book, to obtain a £1 WBD book for younger readers, or towards the 5 teenage full titles which are retailing at £2.50.

YA books

More details can be found on the World Book Day website.




Competitions for the Book Fair (coming soon!)

Book Fair banner

We are busy preparing for World Book Day (1st March) and as usual the Scholastic Book Fair will be in the library for the whole week. Y7-9 students will all visit during an English Lesson and will receive their WBD £1 voucher which can be spent at the Fair or taken away to use in a participating book shop.

We have been running competitions with all classes during Library Lessons – Y8s are putting screen characters with their book titles and Y9s are deciphering Book Tweets.

Keeping with our recent Harry Potter theme (it was Bloomsbury’s Harry Potter Night on February 1st) Y7 have been given a flyer asking them to compose an acrostic poem using a character or spell from the books/films. We hope this makes a nice half term activity. Details are below and poems need to be with us by 25th February.

2018 flyer home


Book Fair preparations are underway

We have begun promoting the Scholastic Book Fair to Y7,8,9 students before the 1/2 term holiday. It will be in school from 27th February – 3rd March in the Library.

Scholastic always give us £5 Book Tokens to offer as prizes and we are running competitions for them in Y8 and Y9 Library Lessons. Y7s are being encouraged to compose a Harry Potter Acrostic Poem over the holiday period to be handed in to the Library Ladiez by 24th February. The Book Tokens can be spent at the Book Fair.



Fantastic Book Fair

We have had an amazing week with the Scholastic Book Fair ensconced in the Library Reading Room.


All Y7-9 classes have been in to view while collecting their World Book Day £1 vouchers, and we have been open every lunchtime with our trusty shop assistants (recruited from the Carnegie Reading Group)


It is great to see everyone so excited about new books (thought it might just be the Library Ladiez who liked that new-book-smell!)

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By Friday afternoon our takings had rocketed up to £1400! We have begun taking out books on commission already, along with students from Education Support!

We would like to send out HUGE THANKS to all who supported us and

HAPPY READING over the weekend.



Book Fair Competitions

Well, we are off to a flying start with the Book Fair! 11 classes through at the half-way point and massive takings yesterday. We are expecting another busy day today with this chilly wet weather. Thank you so much to all students (and their lovely parents for supporting us!)

The competitions for £5 book tokens to be spent at the fair have been judged,  and the winners are:

Y9  Tweet Titles: Jules 9S1 & Becky 9C2

Y8   Good Beginnings: Joss 8S2 & Eloise 8Q2

Y7   Harry Potter acrostic poem winners:  Ed 7Q3 & Izzy 7M1                                                  chosen by the Carnegie Reading Group     

Scholastic Book Fair Feb 29 – March 3

blog poster

Click here for the Teen Fest 2016 site The Scholastic Book Fair is in school next week: 29th February until 4th  March to coincide with World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March.

Flyers have gone home with all Y7-9 students to offer a taste of what will be in store. You can see it here: 2016 flyer home

Students will visit with their English teacher during a lesson and receive their World Book Day £1 Voucher at the same time. Of course we would like them to spend the voucher with us, but students are welcome to take them away to use in a bookstore of their choice. The Fair will also be open every lunchtime for students to visit as they wish.

Our Book Fairs are always extremely successful and the school takes 60% in commission which is spent on books for the Library, reading materials for Education Support and group readers for the English Department.

Your support is very much appreciated.

If you are a great book fan, or looking for ideas for what to read next, take a look at:

Teen book fest 2016

Click here to follow some great live activities, 2 + 3 March from 6-8pm:

  • watch a live Periscope show with WBD author Juno Dawson, performance poet Lemn Sissay and other top authors
  • ask questions directly to your favourite authors on Facebook and Twitter
  • get top tips and new skills for Instagram, blog post- writing and editing videos
  • take part in our live YA Bumper Book quiz
  • follow our Author Instagram Takeover
  • PLUS! Loads of great competitions and giveaways!

Successful Book Fair 2015

Book Fair 2015 seems ages ago, as the Library Ladiez have been too busy to report! But we are pleased to announce that business was as brisk as ever and we took a staggering £1400 over the 5 days surrounding World Book Day. All Y7-9 students came in to take a look and receive their WBD tokens, many of which were spent at the fair itself.


And it wasn’t just all about books. Here we have DIY Minecraft, particularly enjoyed by the girls on a rainy lunchtime:


We had our expert Sales Team, Proby and Gemma to run the busy lunchtime sessions. What would we do without them!


Friday afternoon was spent collecting our healthy commission from the shelves before the Fair returned to Scholastic. Three students from Education Support came over with Mrs Gregory and made choices for the growing collection of books in their centre, while the Library Ladiez selected new titles for the Library. We will also be purchasing a new set of class readers for the English Department.

ES choosing

Many thanks to everyone who participated and sent in, or spent money!