The People’s Carnegie

This is the school’s 15th year shadowing the Carnegie Book Award given by CILIP for the best written book published in the UK during the past year. And we were pleased to see such a varied and accessible list of titles:


After a swelling of numbers last year, our turnout to most meetings has continued to be healthy whilst we have all been reading the 8 books shortlisted this year, with an enthusiastic new contingent from Y7. Eventually 22 students made it to the end, having read 5 or more of the shortlisted titles which qualified them to join our Carnegie Lunch Day with our partner group from Churchill Academy.


Carnegie Reading Group 2016

We usually share the Medal Day on the actual day of announcement from the adult judges. However this year, due to various reasons, we had to postpone our event until a couple of weeks later. Although we all knew the winner, this did not dampen our fighting spirit and we concentrated on OUR views (which are frequently different to the adult judges anyway!)

So, for The People’s Carnegie Day, we shared a morning of activities based on Truth & Lies (3 of the books had lies in the title and themes) and of course, The Big Quiz which tested teams to the limit.

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We broke for lunch with the traditional highlight being the literary cakes baked by the visiting team, and were not disappointed! See if you can guess which books they are all based on:

This was followed by the Great Debate which this year included EVERY student’s comments. We divided them into small teams and each had to provide a short argument for or against a book winning the award. Students told us later they preferred this to a general discussion which tends to be dominated by the fearless and sweeps over less popular books. Group leaders from both schools were impressed with the imaginative and articulate presentations.

We finished with a vote and the title winning over the most students was The Lies we tell ourselves by Robin Talley which won the the Amnesty CILIP Honour, awarded to the author  that most distinctively illuminates, communicates, or celebrates our personal rights and freedoms.


In case you are wondering, and haven’t heard, the overall winner as judged by the CILIP panel was One, a novel about conjoined twins, written in free verse, by Sarah Crossan



And the winner is……………

Giving ourselves a pat on the back for forecasting the winner of the Carnegie Medal 2015 last Friday: Tanya Landman’s Buffalo Soldier. Tanya was in school a couple of years ago telling us about life for a writer and leading a couple of writing workshops. Thrilled to hear she is now a winner!

Winners tweet

Click here to read the first chapter. What do you think?

Let’s not forget the fantastic young illustrator, William Grill who wins the sister medal, the Greenaway Award for his Shakleton’s Journey.

Biggest Carnegie Reading Group ever!

The Library Ladiez have been so busy over the last two terms, we have not had time to blog! Our Carnegie Reading Group attracted 43 students this year, with a record number of 35 attending throughout. 27 students finished the course (reading 5 or more of the shortlisted books) and were able to go to the Carnegie Lunch at Churchill Academy to join a similar sized group there to debate the 8 titles shortlisted for the award.

shortlist picture

Click here to go to the Carnegie Shadowing Website to find out much more about the award for the best written book of the year.

We started back at Easter with several sets of the books and just over 2 months in which to read them. We have met weekly, with cakes baked by our lovely readers to fortify ourselves, while we get to know the books, each other (the students range from Y7 – 10) and participate in booky activities.

Small Group

Students have been encouraged to post reviews on our own page of the website and every week Mrs Gibson chooses a Star Reviewer:

Star Review

Read more reviews by our students on our home page by clicking here

We all try to read as many of the books as we can so that we can attend the Carnegie Lunch with Churchill Academy. This year we had to meet earlier because of prior engagements at Churchill, so we went armed with cake and plenty of opinions for a day of quizzes, games, lunch and The Big Debate!

We judged the fantastic T shirts created “in the style of” the shortlisted books, by Churchill students, and it was really hard to choose 3 winners, but here they are:

It was our turn to provide the cakes, also “in the style of”:

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We had a fantastic and often heated debate in the afternoon before casting our votes

  1. Buffalo Soldier by Tanya Landman
  2. More than This by Patrick Ness
  3. Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan

Now all we can do is wait, and catch the winner on Monday 22nd June at 1pm. We’ll keep you posted!