Y7 and Y8 taken to the limits of human endurance

The Library Ladiez had an incredibly busy day at the very end of term with Matt Dickinson film-maker, adventurer and author extraordinaire! He spoke to the whole of Y8 about Extreme Environments, focusing on his expedition to film an ascent of Everest and promoted his new book, The Everest Files. In the afternoon he kept the whole of Y7 enthralled with his exploits, whilst promoting his Mortal Chaos series. He walked amongst the students and engaged with them whilst showing his incredible photographs and films. He encouraged everyone to fulfil their dreams (with pictures of female climbers clinging to the top of icebergs!) and to respect local people and their customs wherever you are. All the while he promoted the need to be inquisitive about the world and to read to improve and increase your knowledge.

We gave him a picnic lunch in the Library and 7 students joined us for a chat and Mrs Gibson’s brownies!

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Jack was blown away: “I was fascinated by his talk which was along the lines of a ‘Wilderness Lecture’. It made me want to push myself to the limits. I came to the talk with no intention of buying a book – famous last words! I really enjoyed spending lunchtime with him and picked up lots of tips which I have been putting into practice on the book I am currently writing. I loved it all and hope something like this will be organised again.”

Albie thought,  “The talk was amazing. I mean, he survived the worst ever recorded storm as he filmed reaching the summit”

Megan came for lunch and said, “I learnt different ways on how to focus and continue stories I write. We talked about different styles and says to write”

Alysia thought, “Lunch was really cool. It was casual and Matt was really interesting. And on a side note, the brownies were really good too!”

Imogen said, “He gave me lots of tips when I told him I wanted to be an author….I have read his book (The Everest Files) which was fantastic! It was informative about the mountain so it was easy to get a clear picture in your head. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!!”


By the end of the day, we sold over 120 signed copies of Matt’s books, The Everest files and Mortal Chaos series and have orders for more. The mark of a great day!

You can find more information about Matt at www.mattdickinson.com


Extreme Environments, Extreme Reading.

We are preparing for a bonanza day on 24th October when film-maker, adventurer and author, Matt Dickinson is in school to talk to Y8 Geographers and Y7 Readers.

The North Face of Mt Everest has a reputation as one of the world’s toughest climbs. A challenge Matt  took on when he went to film a documentary for Channel 4 and National Geographic television.The 10 week expedition took him to the limits of human endurance when a killer storm swept the peak. Against all the odds, he and professional climber Alan Hinkes managed, along with their three man Sherpa team, to battle through hurricane force winds to reach the summit. He became the first Briton to film on the summit and return alive.

Matt Dickinson Y7

His passion is the world at its wildest and most challenging and this cascades into his writing.The Library Ladies have been staying up late to finish his Mortal Chaos series which uses the Chaos Theory to drive its intricate plot. The Library also stocks The Everest Files, telling the story of a Gap Year student working in Nepal, played out against the lethal slopes of the highest mountain in the world.

Matt will be talking about his real life adventures from Everest, Antarctica and the Sahara Desert and showing  pictures and video clips to provide a fascinating insight into the world of exploration. There will the opportunity to ask questions and have a copy of his one of his books signed.

The above titles will be on sale for £5 each.