Harry Potter Night 2017

assembly-slideAfter the success of our Y7 Battle of the Bookatrons, we have decided to roll out the team quiz format to celebrate Harry Potter Night this year. Teams of 4 are invited from Y8 & Y9. They need a Wizardly name and a plate of magical munchies!

The Quiz will be on February 1st at lunchtime – with PRIZES!



Y7 Battle of the Bookatrons

A great day yesterday, fighting it out in the Library to see who are the greatest Bookatrons in Y7. 12 teams of 4 with some great names shared their knowledge of Tom Gates, Hunger Games, Harry Potter and David Walliams and pondered over well known titles produced in different languages. All washed down with Polyjuice Potion, caramel wafers, prawn cocktail crisps and Bogtrotter cake!

With a tie between 3 teams the winners were chosen after guessing how many millions of copies of the Hunger Games have been sold since it was first published in 2008. The Pygmy Puffs were the closest with 7 million (but still way off the actual 65+million copies!!) and so our ultimate winners,  with The Shakespearians and The Bookies close behind.

BIG thanks to the English Department for joining us and providing readings for the David Walliams round, to our 6th form Assistants who kept the scores and to our Headmaster for announcing the winners wearing Christmas Tree glasses!

 Hope you all get a good book in your stocking . Seasons Readings



The People’s Carnegie

This is the school’s 15th year shadowing the Carnegie Book Award given by CILIP for the best written book published in the UK during the past year. And we were pleased to see such a varied and accessible list of titles:


After a swelling of numbers last year, our turnout to most meetings has continued to be healthy whilst we have all been reading the 8 books shortlisted this year, with an enthusiastic new contingent from Y7. Eventually 22 students made it to the end, having read 5 or more of the shortlisted titles which qualified them to join our Carnegie Lunch Day with our partner group from Churchill Academy.


Carnegie Reading Group 2016

We usually share the Medal Day on the actual day of announcement from the adult judges. However this year, due to various reasons, we had to postpone our event until a couple of weeks later. Although we all knew the winner, this did not dampen our fighting spirit and we concentrated on OUR views (which are frequently different to the adult judges anyway!)

So, for The People’s Carnegie Day, we shared a morning of activities based on Truth & Lies (3 of the books had lies in the title and themes) and of course, The Big Quiz which tested teams to the limit.

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We broke for lunch with the traditional highlight being the literary cakes baked by the visiting team, and were not disappointed! See if you can guess which books they are all based on:

This was followed by the Great Debate which this year included EVERY student’s comments. We divided them into small teams and each had to provide a short argument for or against a book winning the award. Students told us later they preferred this to a general discussion which tends to be dominated by the fearless and sweeps over less popular books. Group leaders from both schools were impressed with the imaginative and articulate presentations.

We finished with a vote and the title winning over the most students was The Lies we tell ourselves by Robin Talley which won the the Amnesty CILIP Honour, awarded to the author  that most distinctively illuminates, communicates, or celebrates our personal rights and freedoms.


In case you are wondering, and haven’t heard, the overall winner as judged by the CILIP panel was One, a novel about conjoined twins, written in free verse, by Sarah Crossan