Library refit over the summer.

We have been busy while you have been away. And now the Library has re-opened for business.

The bookstock has been weeded, with all the old, tatty, out-of-date titles removed to make the most of all the lovely bright, shiny, current books that we do have. Each bookcase has a large sign with the Dewey numbers and subjects of the books kept there. New books have been ordered to support As and A2 courses.

Look out for our new Subject Indexes which will help you find the Dewey numbers of subjects you are looking for and checkout Searchstar on the school intranet page which is the Library on-line catalogue, detailing stocked books and useful website links. It will even tell you if the book you want is in or out! If you look in Search and Views you will find some suggested reading lists.`

Searchstar - Online Library Catalogue

The sofas have been moved to make way for 10 networked pcs which can be booked for break times and the desk area has been enlarged to give us all more room to work comfortably. We are hoping more teachers will bring their classes into this area for research lessons.

Finally we have been preparing to welcome our new Year 7 students and have planned fresh Library lessons and a visit from the popular author Philip Ardagh