Ex-student runs a writing workshop for Y7.

We were thrilled to invite Sian Norris back into school who has become a published author since we last saw her in 2003.
She ran two writing workshops for Y7 students who were being rewarded for fantastic reading this year in their Library Lessons, based around her book Greta and Boris

Cover 2

Students listened to her beautiful reading of a chapter and then prepared descriptive details for their own characters and settings. Here are some of the mind maps the students created:

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Sian was happy to sign book plates and answer questions about her day job as a copy writer for an agency supporting the work of charities as well as her personal writing.


“It was really good hearing her inspirations for her book and how it was written and then illustrated. ” said Ben

“Her book sounds very emotional and heart warming. If I had made this book, I would be very proud of myself.” said Emily

“Meeting Sian Norris was amazing because she went to Backwell School and then became an author.” said Imogen.