Dead bodies and pot-bellied pigs.

The Library had a busy day on Tuesday when author, Tanya Landman, came to visit. In the morning she worked with two Year 10 groups, encouraging them to think about planning when writing. What better way to do this than plan a murder. We needed a celebrity victim, a nasty death, plenty of suspects with reasons to hate and a confession. Victims included Noel Edmonds, Psy, Michael Gove and Spencer and the opening scenes and final conclusions were varied and atmospheric. Well done to all those attending.

Setting the scene with a murder involves a celebrity drowning in her own toilet!

Setting the scene with a murder involves a celebrity drowning in her own toilet!

After a picnic lunch with some Year 7 readers, Tanya entertained 80 students with smelly tales of pet pigs (inspired by Charlotte’s Web as a child), some historical background about early explorers, Native Americans and Aztecs, involving a large inflatable globe whilst explaining how she writes and  works with her publisher.

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At the end of the event, students  were challenged to remember what they had seen on a tray as they entered the library. The 10 items are shown below and we have picked two winners, who will receive a signed copy of one of her books.

Did you remember all of these?

Did you remember all of these?


Murder in the Library!

Excitement is mounting as we prepare for a visit by author Tanya Landman.She will be running two writing workshops in LB1 for Year 10 students, followed in the afternoon, by an “Author Talk” for Years 7 and 8.
There are still tickets available from the Library Desk.


Tanya has written Historical novels for older teenagers. The Reading Group followed her first, Apache in 2007, when it was shortlisted for the Carnegie Award.


We now have Year 7s gobbling up her Poppy Fields series where Poppy and Graham have to race to solve the mystery as bodies fall right, left and centre! Light humourous reads, with quirky characters and twists and turns galore: Mrs Gibson’s favourite is Poison Pen, set during a Literary Festival. No author is safe – and the Librarian saves the day (of course!)

Poppy fields

You can find out more about Tanya on her website.