Books are my Bag

World Book Night, primarily aimed at adults, takes place in the UK and America every year on 23rd April, the suggested birth and death date for Shakespeare and UNESCO’s International Day of the Book. It is globally recognised that reading for pleasure is an indicator for issues from poverty to mental health and here in the UK 36% of adults do not read regularly. So, the aim is simple: to get more adults reading!

We have used WBN as a backdrop for an event with 6th form over the past few years. They use the library brilliantly for private study but rarely borrow for pleasure! This year there appears to have been a squeeze on the WBN budget and the public has been encouraged to gift books themselves rather than relying on the lovely packs that the organisation produces.

So the Library Ladiez sent out a plea before the Easter holidays to all staff, asking them to “gift” a favourite book of theirs along with a brief note saying why they thought a 6th former would enjoy it.

We were thrilled to receive over 50 books on our return; new, old, pristine, tatty books belonging to all kinds of genres. Miss Usoro, Head of Maths and a keen reader, donated a box of 20, each with a post-it note of persuasion! During the next few days we made up packages, each with a bright label containing the teacher’s name and their words of recommendation, which took over every part of our office space!

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As with every year, students are a little suspicious of our generosity and may not be the keenest of readers (or have just got out of the habit or reading for pleasure during their exam years) but curiosity gets the better of them. It only took 15 minutes for all books to be chosen from a display set up in the common room at lunchtime! We hope they enjoy their book, maybe something they would not normally have chosen – and hopefully they too, will be inspired to pass it on to someone else to enjoy.

HUGE thanks to all the teachers and support staff for their passion – and for giving up some treasured possessions!


A sunny day for World Book Night!

Once again, we thank Mrs Reynolds (Elodie and Josh’s Granny) for giving books to our students. She herself is a keen reader and belongs to a reading group and it is lovely to see her sharing her love of books with younger readers.

Skelling by David Almond is also available to borrow in the library.

Skelling by David Almond is also available to borrow in the library.

This year, Mrs Reynolds chose the modern classic, Skellig by David Almond and we arranged a stall for her in the library at lunchtime. Due to the weather we were quiet, but as you can see, there were still plenty of takers!

World Book Day, World Book Night – Library 24/7

This post is reporting back on the long gone, World Book Day Scholastic Book Fair and our recent World Book Night celebrations.

The Library Ladiez were thrilled with this year’s response to the Book fair and takings were up – totalling £1500!! This meant a healthy commission which was spent on titles for the Reading Room, competition prizes and a fresh set of books chosen by students for the ever growing collection in Education Support. WORLD BOOK DAY itself was a gloomy day but we were very busy. Here are a few sneaky pictures to prove that School Libraries are still very much alive and kicking:

WORLD BOOK NIGHT soon followed and Mrs Gibson along with Miss Usoro, Mr Rome, Mr Pritchard, Mrs Withers and Miss Cowles were chosen to be givers. we had 85 books in total – 5 of our favourite titles and could not believe the speed with which they disappeared. 10 minutes was all it took, we even had sweets left over. #proofthatteenagerstillenjoyreadingarealbook

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We have to thank the lovely Mrs Reynolds who asked to “give” WBN book, The Recruit by Robert Muchamore as her granddaughter had told her that boys are not keen readers. We used Mr Conkie’s marvelous Random Generator during a Y7 assembly to choose lucky recipiants, both boys and girls. The Library Ladiez have noticed Robert Muchamore’s books disappearing from the shelves as a result and one girl told us she was borrowing for her Mum!! #jobdone

Come on, feel THE NOISE

knife WBN

Mrs Gibson is a “Book Giver”.  Of course you knew that! But, this week she is working on behalf of World Book Night, having successfully applied to give away 20 copies of The Knife of never letting go by the amazing Patrick Ness.

knife 2

Whilst many students know that she is mad about this Chaos Walking Trilogy (and there are several copies in the Library!) in this instance she is hoping that TEACHERS will ask for the books, so that they can experience Young Adult fiction published today.

So, come on you teachers, get on down to the Library today, for your free book. Read about Todd Hewitt, the last boy in Prentisstown, where everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in a constant and overwhelming noise.

knife of never letting go page

A book like you have never read before. You won’t be disappointed.

If you would like to hear what Patrick has to say about his writing, click below: