6th Form Support

6th form are welcome to use the Library for quiet Private Study throughout the school day. The Private Study area is quiet and has individual desks with access to laptops (and power!).

The Free Rooms timetable is displayed on the noticeboard for those wishing to work in groups, leaving those in the Library to work quietly.

PROJECT/ESSAY PLANNING (EPQ)Information is provided in this Powerpoint


The Teen Tech CRAAP leaftlet to help evaluate sources is here:
CRAAP leaflet picture
There are other leaflets which might be of use to you. Click here and scroll down to download them.



Referencing & Bilbliography Leaflet cover









Referencing & Bibliography Leaflet

FYI – A Plaigiarism Carol,
in Danish and not written by Mr Dickens, might help you create original work, and has a translated link below!

uwe logo

UWE LIBRARIES offer lending and online resources to 6th form students. The best comprehensive library to begin you search is the one at the Frenchay Site.

Information about this service is available on their web pages.

You can search their resource catalogue online before you go.

Click here for a list of on-line resources available to guest users.

It is recommended that guest users check this list before visiting the library.

We suggest you come and speak to one of the school Library staff before applying to ensure you have the correct ID etc before travelling to UWE.





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