Primary School Colleagues

We are hoping our Blog will be able to establish and strengthen links we have with our local Primary School staff.  We have been thrilled with the enthusiasm our 2013 Y7 intake have for reading and their knowledge of good authors, series and titles. We need to build on this, together, to move these lovely readers on, and also to ensure all students can feel this love for the printed word, be it in traditional print, or digital.

We want lots of this!

We want lots of this!

So, we are hoping you will sign up to recieve our blog updates – just fill in your email details in the right-hand-side column of the home page to join our growing band of followers. This will keep you abreast with our work, but also could act as a prompt to check the many pages listed on the top bar, or the links such as those for Book Awards, in the right hand side column. Follow the Tags for past posts about items that interest you, such as Author Events.

librarian mini-me

To contact Anne Gibson, the librarian

please use the contact box.

I would love to hear from you.


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