Teachers’ Zone

New teachers brochure cover

New teachers brochure, What’s in it for you? is a guide for all staff, with suggestions of how teachers and students can make the best of the resources available in school.

American university students were asked to make videos reflecting their views of their educational experience.  The link below will take you to the most recent ‘draft’ of their videos.  Interesting to see the student perspective on what happens in the classroom!

Dr A F Seldon, Master of Wellington College, defends his controversial new hi-tech library in Libraries of the future  (February 2012) Food for thought – will we be able to “ride the tide” too?

A new Report, Truth Lies and the Internet by Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller, is a very interesting piece of research into children’s digital fluency.  It talks about how children rely on the internet for their sources, and how reliable that is.   As a result of their findings, the authors strongly recommend that the Government put digital literacy on the curriculum.  Although it is probably taught in ICT lessons here, all teachers should be aware that they need to heavily promote these skills in their lessons too, so that they become second nature to our students.

The Guardian (Dec 2011) ran an interesting article called Humans need to read which followed research concluding how reading (in print or online) develops the brain in ways that instant visual media cannot. The Library Ladiez are pleased that Reading Lessons in school still play a vital part in students’ education.

Lovely article Why School Libraries Matter (Hint: It’s Not Just About the Books) by Jeff Norton (October, 2012) which is very dear to the Library Ladiez’ hearts and understood by the school’s senior leaders. Do read it to discover the many different types of child we support unconditionally.


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