Gill Lewis creates a buzz among the Year 7s.

What a fabulous event we had with author, Gill Lewis, last Friday! Gill came with Laura, a volunteer from the Bath Children’s Literature Festival, before her main event there on Sunday. The whole of Year 7 filled the theatre (with some even having to sit in the posh seats in the gallery!) to hear her talk about her new book, Moon Bear. Not only did we hear about her writing (beginning with her drawings in her sketchbook) but we also learnt about the plight of these animals, kept in dreadful conditions to supply bear bile for the chinese medicine market. Students were so eager to ask questions about Gill’s writing, inspiration (and earnings!) that we ran out of time!

Students bought copies of Gill’s books which she kindly signed and we would like to give many thanks to Andy and Janey from Waterstones, who ran the book sales for us and helping the session run so smoothly. Gill, Laura, Andy and Janey all praised our lovely school and the impeccable behaviour of our students. Pats on the back all round then!


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